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Wordsworth and the Yorkshire Connection

Daffodils. Mountain summits. Peaceful lakes.  Think of these and you probably associate them with William Wordsworth and the Lake District, not Yorkshire. Wordsworth penned many of his well-known poems in the Lake District. He is arguably our most famous Romantic poet. Yet Wordsworth’s strong connections with Yorkshire are many … His sister Dorothy, born 1771, lived…

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Charlotte Bronte’s Seaside Visits

Anne Brontes Grave

Charlotte visited the Yorkshire Coast on several occasions during her lifetime. Her first ‘holiday’ took place in Bridlington, or Burlington as it was then called, in 1839. Sadly, just a decade later, in May 1849, her younger sister Anne died in Scarborough. Anne is buried in St Mary’s churchyard. However, Charlotte’s initial experience of the…

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A Love of Post Boxes

We See These Every Day We pass them most days. We use them regularly. We don’t truly notice them. What are we talking about?Pillar boxes. Or, to use their colloquial titles, post or letter boxes. I promise that by the end of this article, you’ll look at our trusty ‘pillars’ of (usually) red a totally…

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Why I Love Living By The Sea

Scarborough Harbour

I am so lucky to live on the Yorkshire Coast … no two days are the same in terms of weather, and seeing the sunrise over the sea in the mornings is one of life’s true pleasures. Some people loathe living by the coast! Yes, really! I know of people who’ve moved away from the…

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What Has Lockdown 3.0 Really Cost Us?


As we gradually emerge from Lockdown 3.0, we might find that we’ve all changed in varying degrees since it began way back in January.  Many have said they’ve found this Lockdown the most difficult in terms of impact on our overall wellbeing. I for one would agree. So now, as shops re-open and hospitality venues…

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